Linn County Cemeteries

The cemeteries listed here are taken from GNIS and located on GoogleMaps. This may not be a complete listing.

Contact me if you know of other cemeteries in Linn County, or you wish to transcribe a cemetery.

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(999999) = GNIS ID
*Trans = Transcription available

Linn County Cemeteries
African American Cemetery    
   Blue Mound Twp
Arthur Family Cemetery    
   Centerville Twp
Battlefield Cemetery, Prescott (478180) Map
   End of south road between US 69 and Scott Rd, Sheridan Twp
Blue Mound Cemetery, Blue Mound (478146) Map
   Cassida Rd south of W 300th Rd, Blue Mound Twp
Brooklyn Cemetery, La Cygne (477687) Map
   aka Dillon-Moore
   CR-1905 south of E 2000th St, Scott Twp
Cadmus Cemetery, Parker (477683) Map
   K7, west side, betweem W 2400th amd W 2300th Sts, Scott Twp
Campbell Cemetery, Mapleton (478157) Map
   W 350th Rd between Kelly and Jackson Rds, Stanton Twp
Centerville Cemetery, Mound City NW (477908) Map
   W 1350th Rd between W 1300th and Ellis Rds, Centerville Twp
Curry Cemetery, Mantley (478166) Map
   aka Pleasant Hill
   52 Hwy between 600th and Lee Rds, Mound City, Twp
East Mount Zion Cemetery, Boicourt (477710) Map
   Yancey Rd south of E 2000th St
Elk Creek Cemetery, Gridley SE (478163) Map
   aka Short, Hicks
   Iris Rd SW between 2nd and 3rd Lns, Stanton Twp
Eureka Cemetery, Pleasanton (477929) Map
   E 125th Rd between York Ln and Walters Rd, Potosi Twp
Fairbanks Cemetery, Mound City (477917) Map
   Leisure Rd north of Wesley Chapel Rd, Paris Twp
Fisher Cemetery, Pleasanton (477916) Map
   Quinn Rd between E 1350th and 1175th Rds, Potosi Twp
Goodrich Cemetery, Parker (477675) Map
   aka Sugar Creek
   Evangeline Rd between W 1800th and W 1700th Sts, Liberty Twp
Green Vally Cemetery (477931) Map
   aka De Moss
   E 1350th Rd between US 69 and Thomas Rd, Potosi Twp
Hays Cemetery (477938) Map
   South of 52 Hwy and north of E 1500th Rd, Va/ley Twp
Holmes Cemetery, Pleasanton (477921) Map
   aka Lamb
   North of E 800th Rd between Vernon and Ungeheuer Rds, Potosi Twp
Holmes Cemetery, Prescott (478179) Map
   End of west road off Vernon Rd b/t E 500th and E 400th Rds, Sheridan Twp
Kennedy Family Cemetery    
   Paris Twp
Lamb Cemetery, Pleasanton (477933) Map
   Vernon Rd south of E 900th Rd, Potosi Twp
Linnville Cemetery (477912) Map
   Orahood Rd off CR-405 Rd, Paris Twp
Littell Cemetery, Pleasanton (477922) Map
   aka Fairmount
   White Rd south of E 800th Rd, Potosi Twp
Maple Grove Cemetery, Boicourt (477708) Map
   aka Swayback
   SW corner of US 69 and E 1100th Rd, Va/ley Twp
Mount Carmel Cemetery, Mound City (477911) Map
   aka Fletcher
   End of road south of E 1100th Rd, Paris Twp
Ninety Six Cemetery, La Cygne (2542717) Map
   aka Spangler
   East of US 69 and KS-152 close to La Cygne Lake, Lincoln Twp
Oaklawn Cemetery, La Cygne (477689) Map
   aka La Cygne
   Lincoln Twp
Oakwood Cemetery, Centerville (477897) Map
   Botkin Rd north of W 925th Rd, Centerville Twp
Park Cemetery, Mound City (477910) Map
   Lane Rd north of W 750th Rd, Mound City Twp
Parks Cemetery    
   Valley Twp
Parker Cemetery, Parker (477679) Map
   aka Highland
   W 2000th St and CR-399 (Center St), Liberty Twp
Pleasant View Cemetery, Blue Mound (478147) Map
   W 500th and Colpetzer Rds, Blue Mound Twp
Pleasanton Cemetery, Pleasanton (477926) Map
   South side of 17th St, Potosi Twp
Prairie Home Cemetery, La Cygne (477684) Map
   Maddox Rd between E 2000th and E 1900th Sts, Scott Twp
Prescott Cemetery, Prescott   Map
   Southwest corner of Prescott, Sheridan Twp
Richland Cemetery, Amoret (477716) Map
   aka State Line
   State Line Rd just north of 52 Hwy, Va/ley Twp
Richland Cemetery, La Cygne (477693) Map
   aka Douglas
   Nelson Rd between CR-406 amd E 1500th Rd, Paris Twp
Riverview Cemetery, La Cygne (477694) Map
   Qeubec Ln north of E 1850th St, Valley Twp
Sacred Heart Catholic Cemetery    
   Mound City Twp
Shaw Cemetery (478165) Map
   aka Colbert
   West 600th Rd and KS-34, Mound City, Twp
Showalter Cemetery    
   Centerville, Twp
Star Valley Cemetery    
   Lincoln Twp
Sunny Slope Cemetery, Blue Mound (478148) Map
   W 500th amd Colpetzer Rds, Blue Mound Twp
Trading Post Cemetery, Boicourt (477706) Map

   Trading Post Rd off US 69, Valley Twp

   Historic battle site. See historical markers and more information:

Turner Cemetery, Pleasanton (477934) Map
   Webb Rd between 1000th and E 950th Rds, Potosi Twp
Wait Cemetery, Garnet SE (484356) Map
   aka Hickory Grove
   Brown Rd and 2250 Ln, Liberty Twp
Walnut Grove Cemetery, Parker (477672) Map
   aka Foster
   Keitel Rd between K7 annd W 1525th Rd, Paris Twp
Wesley Chapel Cemetery, Mound City   Map
   aka Bradley
   Rural cemetery with Wesley Chapel, Centerville Twp
Woodland National Cemetery, Mound City   Map
   Mound City Twp



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